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Lightarian™ Reiki Training

Advanced Reiki Practitioner Training

  • 1 hour
  • 88 US dollars
  • Online/Remote - Zoom

Service Description

Lightarian Reiki was developed in 1997 by Jeannine Jelm. It was brought forth by Ascended Master Buddha to help raise humanities vibration quicker and more efficiently as our planet enters the ascension phase. Each attunement you are energetically connected to a different Ascended Masters that will be available to call in at any time to assist your clients Lightarian Reiki allows the practitioner to become a conduit for a wider spectrum of healing energies for your clients to receive, truly giving them the deepest healing, they can receive at that time and place. The attunements will also greatly raise your vibration allowing you to receive and to send more light. Those who choose the Lightarian path are committed to their own personal healing and self-growth. The training consists of multiple attunements completed through guided meditations and should be completed roughly one month apart as they build on each other bringing you into alignment along your true path. Prerequisites: Must be attuned to Master level in Usui or any other forms of reiki before signing up for this class. It is also recommended to have practiced at the Master level for one year before this attunement. Buddhic Boost- 1st step of training and must be completed before the first attunement of Lightarian. It may be skipped if the student has been trained in Karuna or Holy Fire Reiki. This is needed to prepare the student energetically to receive the Lightarian attunements. Lightarian Reiki I & II Lightarian Reiki III Lightarian Reiki IV Lightarian Reiki V & VI Each class is completed through zoom if in-person is not available. The class/attunement follows this format: Student receives digital manual (physical copy can be purchased if wished) and will complete all reading before that specific class. First half will be going over the material and allows time for questions. Then, student will be lead through a guided meditation/attunement. Finally, we will take a few moments to share our experience and use this time to integrate. Each attunement is $88 for a total of $440 if Buddhic Boost is required. If paid up front take 10% off for a total $396

Contact Details

605 731 6066

Sioux Falls, SD, USA

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