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What is Reiki?

Reiki that most people are familiar with in the West was started in 1922 by Mikao Usui in Japan on top of a mountain. However, many believe Reiki has been around for thousands of years, perhaps with different names, styles, and cultural differences. As time passes Reiki historians and those who become channels or mediums with higher beings such as the ascended masters seem to find out more information. No matter what its true origins are it is truly a gift for us to experience and reap the benefits of its energy.

Reiki is used on people, pets, plants, the Earth, an area hit by a disaster, food, water, to cleanse rooms or structures, to apply protections to oneself or to cars and structures, and really can be used for so many things it is honestly kind of crazy. It makes it very versatile application and most people use it to help with relaxation, anxiety, depression, to remove negative energy or attachments, bad habits or addictions, pain, sleep issues, and the list goes on.

Reiki uses what is called Life Force Energy, which has many other names like Chi, Ki, Mana, Manitou, Prana, Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost. This energy is all around us and we all have the ability to channel and to be a conduit for this energy to flow. Some have been able to open themselves up to this energy naturally where many become open through an attunement, meditation, or ignition that is performed by a Reiki Master Teacher.

Then for the next 21 days the student goes through a detox/cleansing phase to become more open and purer channel for Reiki to flow. During this time some may go through what is known as a "healing crisis" with many teachers I have met not really agreeing on this terminology as it has a negative connotation, when in reality it is a beautiful experience of one removing energies and toxins from the body that no longer serve us at this time. It can show up with physical symptoms as these leave the body with flu-like symptoms, rashes, colds, soreness, and I personally had hand, foot, mouth symptoms even which is pretty rare.

There are three levels of training to Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki that progressively raise the vibration of the student with each attunement. Level 1 opens up the student up to the flow of reiki. Level 2 the student learns three symbols to help with healing, with one being the distance symbol allowing one to send Reiki to past and future events or across vast distances to those in need or perhaps to someone in the hospital and they are not allowed to have visitors is one of many examples. Distance Reiki or Remote Reiki is one of my favorite ways to give and receive Reiki as it allows each the practitioner and the client to focus purely on the energy and to be more open to visions or what I like to call "downloads" of information from my spirit guides or some other higher being. Level 2 often starts to open up potential clairvoyant abilities and if nothing else raises the student's intuition. Then, in level 3 the student learns the master symbol and many teachers will also teach the Tibetan Master symbol and some other symbols from Raku Kei Reiki as it has been combined with ICRT manual that is used by many teachers. In the last training the student can now become the teacher if they wish and attune others to Reiki when they feel the time is right but is not necessary to teach or to share Reiki with others even. If you choose to do so you can just give Reiki to yourself and nothing else, but I personally believe that would be a shame as it such a great gift to share.

This is just a tiny bit about Reiki but gives you enough information to see if Reiki is right for you. I apologize for any grammar and writing mistakes as it truly isn't my strong point, but I do appreciate taking time to read this and please reach out with any questions!

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