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Anger and Forgiveness

Lately I have been seeing so much anger and to be honest I have struggled with a lot of anger in the past few months being back state side and I wanted to share my lessons in case in can help someone else with things they’re dealing with.

When you choose anger, you are choosing to be a victim, you are giving up your energy, yes, your vital force energy to another person. You are taking your power away. Let me give you a quick example- saying you’re driving down the road and someone cuts you off, barely misses you, it is scary no doubt about that perhaps you still tinkle yourself even a little right, well you either in that split second have the decision to forgive them, they didn’t hurt you and you move on with your day, grateful that you and your loved ones are still safe. Or do you freak out, start blaring your horn, chase them down causing more mayhem or maybe you’re a little more rational and you start swearing, yelling in your car they are an idiot blah blah.

From our view point they cut us off, from their viewpoint perhaps you were in their blind spot or maybe they were getting a family member to the hospital for a near death incident or perhaps maybe they just need to poop really bad and when they cut you off it wasn’t intentional or to them saving a family member is worth the risk of cutting someone off, for me I know it is. Either way they should be the ones feeling bad for almost committing an accident, yet we find ourselves freaking out and letting it ruin our day. You have now “let” somebody do something to you, you have given up your sovereign power. Freaking out it isn’t going to solve anything, it has already happened, the only thing that might else happen is you causing an actual accident. Two wrongs don’t make a right. We need to start forgiving others because from their conditioning and viewpoint they may think they’re right, so please stop giving up your energy to others. They don’t deserve it; you deserve all your energy and we all can be the change we want to see by leading through positive action.

I know a lot of people struggling with forgiveness have had tragic, horrible things done to them, and I am not saying we shouldn’t stand up for injustice, but when we let it consume us, it takes us. You can forgive someone, yet still have firm boundaries for your protection and the protection of others. When I am struggling with anger and forgiveness, I go to the Ho’oponopono prayer. It is an extremely powerful self-healing technique that was derived from the indigenous people of Hawaii. I believe one of the reasons it is so powerful because as collective it has been used by a lot of people over the years and we draw upon that beautiful healing energy anytime we need to come back to our true selves. If you would like to find out more about the prayer, I would highly suggest checking out the website Ho’oponopono Technique - How To Practice The Hawaiian Self Healing Process (

There is a lot of great wisdom there and goes more specifically about the purpose, how it works, and what it stands for, which is, “To make right”.

I think it’s time we make things right, and embrace a life of abundance, love, and forgiveness.

I hope this was able to resonate and help at least one person out there.

Much love, patience, forgiveness, and blessings my friends

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