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After going through many of my own challenges over the years and finally hitting a rock bottom mentally during the beginning of the pandemic, my anxiety and negative self-talk had reached an all-time high almost making it impossible to function in my everyday life.  After talking to my good friend Connor (who I am extremely grateful to for introducing me to this lifestyle), I reached out to a practitioner of Conscious Breathwork.

Let's just say my first experience was life-changing and was at that time the most spiritual moment I had ever witnessed.  I felt different, I felt lighter physically and mentally, at peace with everything around me.  I knew I had found something special and had to help others experience this beautiful healing.

After finding my breath again, I was eager to find other modalities and had never even heard of Reiki before, but had a strong calling/feeling to find it and knew at once this was something special.  Reiki lifted me to whole new higher vibration, bringing positivity and spaciousness to my life while slowly disintegrating bad habits.  It has now became my anchor during difficult times in life and keeps me grounded and centered.

Shortly after my first breathwork session, I dived head-in to my own shadow-work and personal healing, taking off over a year to just work on myself before launching Expansion Health and Wellness in fall of 2021. So happy you came by and checked out my page and just want you to know---

I am Always Here for You

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